Artistic Blur (artisticblur) wrote,
Artistic Blur

I hate being a damper, but, back in the hospital for, god hopes, less time than last. Been here two weeks after being so god damn sick, it was brutal. On the bright side, of which Im annoyingly disposed to, I get to keep having Thai delivered right to my room. Effin Eh.

On the not so bright side, goin under the knife again tomorrow. 6 times in less than a year, SCREW YOU HIPPIE GODS!

But, mom did bring Chinese yesterday, so you know, silver lining and all that. Its messed how my life revolves around food now... but I love it so much. All the nurses keep telling me how jealous they are that I an eat and eat and not gain weight. Yeah, fun and games until youre malnourished, arses.

Mmmm.. venting. Good for the soul.

On another note, I pre-ordered the next Harry Potter book as well as His Dark Materials Trilogy (normal order, not pre). AND Ive ben rocking the crossword book like a mad fool. I think my vocab had stretch to its little limit.

Lastly, the apostrophe on this keyboard doesnt work (Im getting french keys instead of the normal ones...), sorry you grammar junkies.

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