Artistic Blur (artisticblur) wrote,
Artistic Blur


I had just an amazing birthday yesterday. School was... school, but after 6 of the guys took me out for drinks, so by the time I got back home at 7:30 I doing juuuuust fine (hehheh). Went out for Indian Food with Fleck, Pat, Carolyn, Aaron, Fweeh, and Ang. My lord... so tasty... and scored some awesome stuff!! (Like a really pretty suncatcher with a faerie on it, Zero Girl #2, the Anthony Stewart Head album which I didn't even know he had! mmm Giles..., Money to spend at the Watcher heheh, The Edward Scissorhands new aniverssary edition, tasty wine, some scenes from Pat (muahahahaha), a cell phone and RED Chucks (insert Sin City music here).) I feel so spoiled... Then we went to play a rousing game of Laser Tag in which Fweeh kicked everyone's ass, and I came in 9th. Carolyn and I had a tag team goin on at one point *grin*

Now, homework... which I have a LOT of ~_~
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