Artistic Blur (artisticblur) wrote,
Artistic Blur

For Jamie

-Introductory Questions-

How long heave you been roleplaying?
Since the age of Kendra! So..since... 2002

What medium do you use?
LARP and tabletop of various kinds

Who are your favorite characters?
Eileen May

Do you cross-play?
Only when an NPC was needed!

Who was your first character?
Eileen May

Who is your latest character?
...uhh..Eilee May funy enough

Most Popular Character?
Julie Sellers

Which character is most like you?
Surita Camden... minus the turning into a giant demon bat

Who would you like to be more like?
FLORA, she's super sweet.

Who’s the character you love but haven never played?
Hyde was super short lived!

-Which character would be most likely to-

Murder someone?
Hyde, she really had no concept of good an evil.

Have a mental breakdown?
Lennen, the ghosts were tormenting her.


Do something stupidly dangerous for fun?

Lay down his or her life for a stranger?
Vanessa, she's got a strong sense of justice.

Refuse to ask for directions?
Surita Camlan, considering her job s to never be seen.

Play in a band?
Julie, Straight Girl Out represent!

Perform Shakespeare?
Eileen, she was made for the stage.

Star in a horror movie?
Browynn, she IS a demon...

Star in an action movie?
FLORA, she was made for it!

Star in a sitcom?
Bobby Hibbit

Star in a Porn?

Star in a Videogame?
Browynn Rinwood

Get married?
Akero... cuz she did :P

Fall in love?

Make the world a better place?
Julie Sellers

Regret his or her life?
Bronwynn Rinwood

-Word Association-

Relate each word to one of your characters.

Love: Eileen
Hate: Eileen
Money: Vanessa
Masks: Browynn
Flowers: FLORA
Lies: Eileen
Music: Eileen
Home: Akero Sharptooth
Tragedy: Bronwynn
Sex: Akero Sharptooth
Violence: Bobby
Black: Bronwynn
White: Julie Sellers
Fire: Eileen
Ice: Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn'hel
Hope: Eileen

-The Best and the Most-

Who of your characters is the most realistic?
Julie Sellers, she's just this girl.

Who is the most fun to play?
Eileen, she's so chaotic!

Who do you respect most?
Mara, she sticks to her guns.

If you had a popularity contest within your group of characters who would win?
Either Eileen or Akero... as they would make theselves stand out the most.. they're also a bit vain

With who’s views do you agree with most?
Bobby, we're both artistes!

Who kisses the best?
Bronwynn, kisses like a demon *grin*

Who would react best to realizing he or she is going to die?
Mara, as she's kind of looking forward to it!

Who would react the worst?
Eileen, she's been around so long I doubt she could imagine not being.

Who would do best in school?
FLORA, she's very fastidious.

Write out a high school transcript for your characters. (Grades in English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Languages, Gym, and teacher’s notes)

Who would be most interesting drunk? Describe them.

Which one of your characters would make the best roommate?
Julie, very laid back and fun.

Dance partner?
Eileen, she's been doing it for near 200 years!

FLORA, she's been studying on how to be the best wife since she was created!

Super villain?
Akero, she's a bit of a wild card.

FLORA, she's already a TA

Business partner?
Lennen, she already owns one inn.

FLORA, very loyal and sweet!

-Random Inquiries-

Who would resent knowing they’re a character?
Eileen, she resents being a pawn more than anyone else.

Who wouldn’t mind?
FLORA, she is kind of not real to begin with.

Which of your characters do you like as a person?
Julie, she honest, warm and very kind.

Who would you most like to actually meet?
Eileen, she's been with me the longest.

Who would you not like to actually meet?
Akero, she's kind of sharp.

Your alien and bestial characters, what would they look like if they were human?
Bronwynn, tanned skin, brown eyes, long black hair... and no horns!

Who would be happy in a boring, safe little job in a cubicle?
FLORA, she's pretty much useful for any type of job.

Who dreams of flying?
Eileen, she's always wanted wings.

Pick a character and outline his or her soulmate.
Eileen May - She's actually already met hers when she was 11. He was a Duke in the Unseelie court and they had a fling for nearly a year before he had to return, but not without giving her his true name. I'm playing a game over 150 years after that game and she hasn't seen him since the first one.

Who would like you? As a person, not a creator.
FLORA, Julie, Bobby... they're the most human and all kind of sweethearts. Bobby and I could talk about art!

Who is happy?
I dunno if an of my characters, where they were left off, are really happy

Who probably drove his or her parents crazy as a kid?
Eileen, no doubt, she was high maintenance.

What animal most suits the personality of each of your characters?

Eileen... A Cat, she likes to preen and is kind of fierce
Mara... A Lizard, she was silent and liked to stare
Bronwynn... Maybe a sloth? She sure liked to sleep.
Julie... Some kind of bird, she loved to sing
Bobby... A Dog
Vanessa... A Dog as well, she likes to protect people
Lennan... a Rabbit, she's always on the run
Akero Sharptooth... Snake... duh
FLORA... A rodet of some kind lol
Suri... Otter... cuz she was one
Hyde... Bat... cuz she was one

What color most suits them?

Eileen... Red
Mara... Black
Bronwynn... Purple
Julie... Hot Pink
Bobby... Blue
Vanessa... Red
Lennan... Red
Akero Sharptooth... Toxic Green
FLORA... Pink
Suri... Black
Hyde... Brown
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