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Too much in these hands...

Got Money to Burn (HAH!)? You should spend it on me. Hey, its not all frivolous.

My Wish List

On another note, my surgeon told m Im not allowed to go outside. All summer. Youve got to be kidding me...
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You're not allowed to spend long periods of time outside, or you're not allowed to set foot out the door?

Hey! That's no wish list, it's a grocery list! (You know, except for the fuzzy monkey slippers.)
I can walk to the ttc stop, thats about it ;_;

I cant help it, everything looked so tasty... and banana-y...
How you been? Been wondering and since I'm sooo out of touch with the rest of the Toronto peeps...
Me too lol Im alright, right now just mostly bored outta my mind!! Its been forever and a day, how are you?
Yeah, has been forever, so glad to hear you are better.

Why can't you go outside? What about if you're in a wheelchair and we drag you all over hell's half-acres... Or is it an exposure thing?

Me, I'm doing grand, put my life in rewind and jumped back 4 years to finish what I started: My Bachelor's Degree.
Somebody really likes her bananas!
Its an addiction, I know....
You know, I did a friends list cull a few months ago (January?) of people who I thought had just drifted away from LJ and weren't posting anymore. That meant I missed your Februrary post about being so sick. I didn't know you were sick - Patrick and Fleck just told me yesterday.

Anyway, I'm glad things are looking up, and if it's okay with you, I'll add you back again.