Artistic Blur (artisticblur) wrote,
Artistic Blur

I went to the zoo today and met a nice zookeeper that let me go back to the snake/turtle/frog feeding places! (You know, behind one of those doors with the sign of employees only). All for the price of letting him play around with my Ipod while I drew (He was quite impressed with my music selection, let me tell you :P)

Also, after picking up the Kenshin OAV at Pacific Mall the other day, I watched it with the Fleck and GOOD god damn I forgot how excellent it is. The art and the story just... guah. Fleck was awfully impressed with it to so now I think I have a Kenshin TV series watching buddy (joyofjoys!!)

I am ridiculously looking forward to starting school again... my hand started hardcore itching to start new projects.
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